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head protection during mountain biking

During mountain biking, it is essential that you consider head protection during the ride. The main purpose is to protect your head against any kinds of unforeseeable accidents that may result in serious inflicted injuries or even death at the worst case scenario, especially during a speedy fast and competitive ride that mountain biking gives. Some of the head protection gear or equipment go well in head protection during mountain biking.

One of the most common one is the helmet for biking. It forms a protection between the head and the impact of a crash by allowing the head and helmet to move relative to each other. The helmet is the basic mountain biking equipment which bikers should put on while riding. As said, the mountain biking helmet offers head protection against any knocks. But choosing a mountain biking helmet must go far beyond head protection. You must also ensure that the helmet fits well with your head so as not to provide discomfort during the riding journey as you will only feel the full swing of discomfort when the ride picks up speed. For swaying from falling rocks or tree branches, this mountain biking helmet can also help as such.

Decathlon has a range of pretty appealing looking mountain biking helmets which you as a mountain biker can select from. One of the best sellers is the Mountain Bike Helmet - 500. With RockRider as its brand, this helmet comes in black and neon colour options and is well-ventilated and adjustable. Designed for a ride that lasts 2 hours, the Mountain Bike Helmet - 500 is comfortable and easy to adjust using its dial. It also contains a foam padding inside. The foam padding provides extra comfort to the head as well as additional protection from the helmet inner surface and any external impact.

Another best selling mountain biking helmet offered by Decathlon is the Mountain Bike Helmet - ST 500 with a slightly different model and more colour options with blue, red and even a hip sporting yellow with black. Such mountain bike helmets are not only designed for safety and comfort, they are also designed to have that beautiful touch to the riders. What makes Decathlon so special in its mountain biking helmets is its engineering processes. The engineering team of specialists has made tremendous effort in ensuring the retail prices get lowered to the consumer through reduction of manufacturing costs by means of lean production, optimized supply chain processes and lowering of any overhead costs.

In the category of mountain biking head protection, the mountain biking helmet is not the only equipment offered by most bicycle shops, including Decathlon. Other items offered are the apparels of the head band and the wool neck warmer. Decathlon even offers hijab for Muslim women so that it fits their religious attire while mountain biking. All these additional head gear offer additional comfort and protection in the event of a crash or fall.

Mountain biking comes with faster speed during the ride and it is easier to have a harder impact once riding is reckless, hence there is a need for head protection. For more information, read more about mountain bike helmet -