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a girl's first bike

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Do you know about a girl's first bike? Do you know about what bike to give her when she is only a toddler? In this article, we shall talk about her first bike in her journey of cycling from the very beginner stage to the time she learns to read and write during nursery or kindergarten school.

But before you know what bike to give to your daughter when she reaches toddler age, there are certain points to consider so you will understand the direction of guiding her in cycling. How is her mental and physical coordination skills when she moves around? Is she ready to learn cycling now? Well, if she is, you can consider a first bike for her as either a balance bike or a bike with stabiliser wheels.

A first bike for your daughter does not need to have a pretty looking design or a beautiful colour actually. But these factors do help to boost confidence in her first biking journey. The first law of attraction is still what appeals to the eyes of the girls. But safety and comfort at the first bikes still cannot be neglected. There still has to be quality on the bike performance so that the girl rider can ride on the bike safely and comfortably without accident or without having to stop every time to readjust position on the bike. After all, it is very important that you do not wish to ruin your daughter's life over a reckless bike ride.

A general rule of thumb is to check if the seat height fits her well. When she sits on it, you must ensure her arms are at bent position slightly when holding the handlebars. It is very very important for the brake to be at the handlebar so as to ensure safety first at all times. These handbrakes must be within comfortable reach of the female toddler.

If your kid is young enough to learn to ride on a toddler bike, then you can probably start off with a balance bike as her first bike of interest. She can help to keep the bike in upright position with her feet on the ground while she cycles in straight path. There are no pedals on the bike so she can use her feet to propel herself forward. A good balance bike she can take is from Decathlon. The bicycle is the RunRide 500 Children's 10-Inch Balance Bike. 2 colours of choices are available but it is without doubt that she most likely prefers the pink colour one. It is easy to use and learn, contains handbrakes for safety and even has a lifetime warranty. Durable enough, this balance bike has a robust steel frame with puncture-free tyres that can stand any frictional terrains that may pierce.

Another first bike of choice is the training bike with 2 stabiliser wheels. That is the 500 14-Inch Bike 3-5 Years - Unicorn. It is pink colour also and this gives the first appeal of beauty to the girl. Also, a good feature of this bike is the tool free removal feature. There is an ease of fixing and dismantling the 2 stabiliser wheels from the bike, if at some point in her life, she wishes to learn without the stabilisers. Like the balance bike, it also has the same features.

It is important to choose her first bike as something that must interest her and capture her attention, only when she is ready. To read more about bike riding, research on